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Here you will find some of the questions most frequently asked by the user of

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1 -  Am I allowed to use the song from this page in my church (service or other event)?

Yes ... No ... Don't know ... Maybe ...

Basically the songs on are for private use only. If you would like to use one or more of the songs at a public event (church service usually is public), then you - or your church - must make sure that you have the nessacery rights or permissions to use that/those specific song(s). How do you do that? CCLI may be a good place to start (

2 -  I have read that it is possible to transpose the chords on a song, se the guitar chords + other thing. How do I do this?

When you click on a song and see the lyrics and chords on the screen, in the upper right corner you will see an icon (). Click the icon and a "controlpanel" will appear. Here you can transpose the chords, show/hide the chords, show hide guitar chord diagrams, change font size, change font and print the song.

On mobile unit with touchscreen you can swipe left to show the controlpanel and swipe right to hide it.

3 -  When addeding a new song - the song has to be typed in a strange format. Why?

Well ... This special format (ChordPro format) is needed to ensure that chords always are correctly placed over the lyrics. It also makes it possible to transpose the chords later + show guitar chords diagrams. Besides the special format used for chords, the ChordPro format also makes other "fancy" stuff possible. For example the chorus can be highlighted, comments can be added, etc.

The easiest way to explain the posibilities is to show an example. For this purpose we have put together a song, where all the posibilities in the ChordPro format is used. Below you will see two buttons that allows you to see this "test song". One button loads the song in the editing page where you are free to edit the song and try out the ChordPro format. The other button loads the test song in the normal viewing page.

Edit test song

Show test song

4 -  Why does the page contain ads?

It is completely free to use this page ( Like it ought to be. However, there are some expenses assiociated with keeping the page running and the ads helps covering these costs.

Selecting which ads to show is completely automatic and may be based on your cookies, i.e. you may see ads related to things you have searched for recently. Every time you click on an ad, you support and you help keep the page running.

If you are using an ad-blocker, we hope you will turn it off for

Thank you for your understanding and support.

5 -  Does have a privacy policy?

Yes we do. It explains what information we collect from the visitors and how we use this information. Here it is:

Privacy policy


For all users and visitors the following applies:

  1. In generral, we ( do NOT collect any personal information about the visitors on the page. For registered used a few pieces of information is saved (see below).
  2. The page uses different 2nd part services for statistics, adds, etc. These services may collect different information about the visitors, e.g. to be able to show adds relevant for the visitor.
  3. uses https, which means that the connection between your browser and the server hosting is encrypted. This means that the information entered on is protected against eavesdropping on the way from browser to server.

Registered users

For those who register as users the following applies:

  1. All who sign up for a user profile on must submit their email address, choose a password and state their name.
  2. The email address is used as login. It is used together with the password to allow the user to log in and enjoy the added benifits for registered users.
  3. The chosen password is NOT saved as "clear text", but rather in an "encrypted" format. This means that the nobody will be able to read the password - not even the webmaster or others with access to the server where is hosted. If the user forgets the password a "forgot password" function is available, which will assign a temporary password.
  4. The supplied name is exclusively used (together with the email address) if the webmaster needs to contact the user. For example: If the user have uploaded a song that the webmaster needs to change or delete. In such a case the webmaster may choose to contact the user.
  5. The supplied name and email address will NEVER be shown on the page or made available for other users without prior permission from the user in question.
  6. It is possible to use an "online profile" for logging in on At the moment a Google profile or a Facebook profile can be used. If this option is used, will try to retrieve name and email address from the online profile in question. does NOT retrieve other personal information from the mentioned online profiles.